so who wants to be my boyfriend/girlfriend?

i’m down for whatever at this point, idrc.

1. i will cook for you.

2. we can cuddle and play video games.

3. then make out.

Thursday Jan 5 09:51pm
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  1. thecrazyblues answered: Sounds like a good deal! Shame I’m across the pond…
  2. flyinglikeasigel answered: I’ll do it.
  3. hellscarnage answered: If i weren’t getting married, i’d totally take you up on that offer. Especially with those legs. Very nice. ;]
  4. jay-dubbs answered: I LOVE YOU KURI-CHAN.
  5. sideburnsmcgee answered: Honestly, that sounds fantastic.
  6. thepoetryofnospaces answered: geek queen of mah dreams
  7. ahlihver answered: yesssssssss
  8. colormeweird reblogged this from cosmicheart
  9. daftbear answered: moi~
  10. lutacrist answered: If you can make cookies that would be awesome
  11. 1tacobrother answered: LOL it sounds like someone is desperate…
  12. lsdscreen answered: make out is good for healing headaches. shall we?
  13. lustingforchocolate answered: I’m down for this.
  14. unicorn-of-saturn answered: I’m all about some e-romance
  15. icondevco answered: where do you live?
  16. steenestro answered: I’m in!
  17. cosmicheart posted this

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